Links to People

There are a lot of characters in The Barefoot Bandit, and a lot of them are real characters in the best, most entertaining sense. Here are a few in the order in which they appear in the book with links to learn more about them:


Seattle radio personality Bob Rivers at the mic

Radio personality Bob Rivers. © Jerry and Lois


Bob Rivers is the Seattle radio personality who owned the first plane Colt stole. His show airs daily on 95.7 KJR and streams at: Bob where you can also listen to his “Twisted Tunes” and learn about the charity work he and his radio team do for kids around the world.

Jack Archibald, aka Skeeter Daddle. This link will take you to Jack’s Skeeter Daddle Diaries, his very funny musings, artwork,  performances, and updates on all your South End Camano news from amid the nettles.

Jack Archibald, aka Skeeter Daddle

Jack Archibald © Brian Smale

Much of former-Apollo astronaut Bill Anders’s time these days is spent flying classic warbirds at the Museum of Flight in Bellingham, WA. In this video link, Bill tells one of the stories he told in The Barefoot Bandit.

Apollo astronaut Bill Anders

The Barefoot Man

The Barefoot Man


 George Nowak was The Barefoot Man decades before there was a Barefoot Bandit. I first saw Barefoot play his hilarious brand of quick-witted Calypso in Grand Cayman back in 1984. Here’s George singing about Colt live at  Nippers Bar in the Abacos.




Colton Harris-Moore's attorney John Henry Browne

John Henry Browne © Bob Friel



John Henry Browne is Seattle’s most famous defense attorney. Remarkably, he and his associates, including especially Emma Scanlon, were able to take Colt’s offenses in three countries and nine states and have them all handled in just two courts, federal and Washington State, and plea bargained Colt down to serving about four years (on the new charges) for 65 felonies. If your ass is ever on the line, you can reach John Henry at