Radio personality Bob Rivers. © Jerry and Lois Studios
Author Bob Friel and Murphy the Leonberger near their home in Deer Harbor, Orcas Island. © Brian Smale
Sandi Friel in the air above Vancouver Island. © Bob Friel
Colt's mother Pam Kohler (left) with Bev Davis in 2004. © Bev Davis
Jack Archibald, aka Skeeter Daddle, the rustic raconteur of Camano Island's South End. © Brian Smale
Geof and Bev Davis at their home on Camano Island. © Bob Friel
Apollo astronaut Bill Anders had his airplane hangar broken into during Colton Harris-Moore's time on Orcas Island. Anders is a resident of the island.
Donna McNeil of Orcas Island with plaster casts of footprints found on her property during the Turtleback Mountain stakeout and chase. © Bob Friel
The Barefoot Man, George Nowak, enjoying a Kalik at Nippers, Great Guana Cay, Abacos, Bahamas. ©
Denaldo Bain, musician and rum shop manager, at the bar of Eleuthera's Coakley's International Sporting Club. © Bob Friel
Kenny Strachen, security guard at Romora Bay Resort on Harbour Island who saw Colton Harris-Moore land in a stolen Boston Whaler. ©
Kenny Strachen helps dock Colton Harris-Moore's final getaway boat several hours after Colt was captured. © Bob Friel
Royal Bahamas Police Force Commissioner Ellison Greenslade (center) after the capture of Colton Harris-Moore. © Bob Friel
Colton Harris-Moore's defense attorney, John Henry Browne, after the Coupeville, WA, hearing. © Bob Friel
Author Bob Friel and Murphy the Leonberger relax on Raven Ridge, Orcas Island. © Sandi Friel
Colton Harris-Moore's pet and exploring companion, Melanie, hangs five at his home on Camano Island. © Bob Friel
As soon as Colt left Orcas Island, another exotic visitor showed up at our cabin door.


Readers of The Barefoot Bandit cross paths with many characters as the story flies from the islands of Washington State all the way to the Bahamas. This gallery puts faces to some of those names. Click on an image to the left to launch the player controls.

In 2011, Der Spiegel magazine assigned Seattle photographer Brian Smale to take portraits of some of the local characters involved in the Colton Harris-Moore saga. Brian is one of the finest portrait shooters around, and has, by far, the best collection of photos of people who appear in the book. Launch of slideshow of Brian Smale’s photos by clicking here: Brian’s Barefoot Bandit Photos