Jennings .22 stolen in Granite Falls and later found in Colt's "nest" on Orcas.
The messy "nest" that Colton Harris-Moore used inside a private hangar at the Orcas Island Airport. Police photo.
A barefoot Colton Harris-Moore captured on surveillance video after breaking into Orcas Island's Island Market.
Images from Colton Harris-Moore's Wanted Poster including his famous self-portrait as well as a shot of him inside Orcas Island's Island Market.
The beaten but not bowed ATM at Orcas Island's Island Market. Surveillance video showed Colton Harris-Moore ramming the ATM for hours with a jigger.
The cash stolen from Orcas Home Central hardware store, recovered in Granite Falls, WA, after Colton Harris-Moore crash-landed there. Police photo.
Some of the 39 bare footprints chalked by Colton Harris-Moore on the floor of Orcas Island's Homegrown Market in 2010.
Colton Harris-Moore chalked 39 footprints and wrote C-Ya! on the floor of the Homegrown Market on Orcas Island.
This 13-foot-long footprint showed up on Orcas Island's Channel Road Bridge in Deer Harbor shortly before Colt left the island. © Bob Friel
The note left at a Washington animal clinic by Colton Harris-Moore, signing it as The Barefoot Bandit.
Fat Cat, a 34-foot Ocean Sport Roamer, that Colton Harris-Moore stole and piloted across the Columbia River at night.
One of the Cadillac Escalades stolen by Colton Harris-Moore during his cross-country spree. FBI photo.
The Sea Ray Sundancer stolen by Colton Harris-Moore from Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco, and then wrecked on the Devil's Backbone reef off Eleuthera.
Death threats painted on Pam Kohler's trailer in 2004. © Bev Davis

Crime Scenes

Photos of Colton Harris-Moore crime scenes from Orcas Island, WA, to the Bahamas. Click on one of the photos on the left to launch gallery controls.