South End Camano Island Wanted Poster for Colton Harris-Moore. © Jack Archibald
"Colton the Fighting Trapper" cover of first imaginary book about Colton Harris-Moore. © Jack Archibald
Colton says "What Me Worry?" Photocomposite by Jack Archibald
Poster created by Jack Archibald showing a photo captured by NASA of Colton Harris-Moore passing by in an orbiting space capsule.
Colton Harris-Moore escapes to the final frontier. Photocomposite by Jack Archibald

The Art of Skeeter Daddle

This is a collection of very funny posters created by Jack Archibald, aka Skeeter Daddle, the rustic raconteur of Camano Island’s fabled South End during Colton Harris-Moore’s time at large. Click on an image to the left to launch controls.

Visit Jack’s site, The Skeeter Daddle  Diaries, to read and listen to his unique view of the world beaming from amid the towering nettle jungles of Camano Island.